LeAnn Steltenpohl is the Strategic Sourcing Manager for Joerns Healthcare, the industry leader for nursing home beds and furniture worldwide. Founded in 1889 in St. Paul, Minnesota as Joerns Brothers Furniture, the company has called Stevens Point, Wisconsin home since 1927. For over 100 years, Joerns Healthcare's products and services have provided unmatched, legendary quality blended with excellence through innovation and exemplary customer service.

For the past three years, Joerns Healthcare has been working with WireTech Fabricators to make wire grids, mattress stops and wire forms for bed frames. LeAnn compliments WireTech's dedication to its customers. "WireTech provides a sense of urgency when we need them to react and excellent service from their technical team, said LeAnn."They present a strong feeling of a true business partnership."

"Reaction time is foremost for Joerns Healthcare, states LeAnn."We do not let our customers down which often requires our suppliers to have to react to sometimes unforeseen and even unreasonable requests WireTech has been willing and able to make things happen for our Joerns Healthcare customers."

Initially Joerns Healthcare chose to work with WireTech primarily because of location and price. After their partnership began, LeAnn said WireTech's "overall service and support has been exceptional and not easily matched by other suppliers," reconfirming that Joerns Healthcare is a very satisfied customer.

According to LeAnn, WireTech differentiates itself from other supplier by engaging their entire team in servicing Joerns Healthcare. "It is not just the sales guy who feels that priority. It is the entire organization," said LeAnn.

Joerns Healthcare's LeAnn Steltenpohl currently works directly with Mike Baudhuin, Mike Harding and the entire WireTech team. LeAnn says Joerns Healthcare is a very satisfied customer and she highly recommends WireTech, "WireTech has delivered on its promise with new product launches, above normal demand spikes, quality resolution and pricing requirements. I'm confident in their ability to meet and exceed their customers' demands and expectations."

LeAnn Steltenpohl
Strategic Sourcing Manager