Gary Van Handel is Vice President of Supply Chain Management for KI. With headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin, KI is the sixth largest furniture supplier in the industry and provides personal solutions and durable designs to the healthcare, education, business and government sectors. KI is 100 percent employee-owned and is listed as one of Forbes 500 largest privately owned companies in America.

KI chose to work with WireTech for its capabilities and level of service, and has been doing business together for 30 years. Most importantly, KI chose to work with WireTech because they are a supplier that understands their role in satisfying KI's end customer. "WireTech does whatever it takes to allow KI to meet their customers' needs", Gary explained. WireTech consistently meets and sometimes exceeds KI's expectations making KI a very satisfied customer.

WireTech provides various furniture components and is KI's main source for wire products including chair frames, bookracks, tablet arm frames and gangers. In addition to these products, WireTech also provides expertise in wire manufacturing that is used in KI's new product development process. In fact, WireTech even goes a step further and provides prototype parts on short notice. WireTech has a mind set for continuous improvement and added value. They are always willing to work with KI to find ways to remove cost.

Sometimes this pertains to product design, other times it may be process or material flow. A few years ago after touring WireTech's facility, Gary Van Handel observed the fact that WireTech needed to reconsider their manufacturing process and implement lean manufacturing principles. With limited involvement on KI's part, WireTech took hold of this request and redesigned their manufacturing process. "They understood the need to improve and made it happen," said Gary. As a result of their efforts, WireTech's cost structure is world class. Gary added, "When KI benchmarks WireTech against offshore competition, WireTech has the best value proposition." As a result of their efforts, WireTech won the highly coveted KI Supplier of the Year - Eagle Award in 2006.

KI's Gary Van Handel currently works directly with Mike Baudhuin and Mike Harding of WireTech and would unequivocally recommend WireTech. Gary recognizes WireTech as being more than just a supplier, "WireTech is a trusted business partner that continues to look for opportunities to provide better value to KI's clients. WireTech understands the importance of getting better each day."

Gary Van Handel
Vice President of Supply
Chain Management