WireTech Fabricators is customer focused. We become an integral part of your company by constantly asking the question “How and where can we focus our resources on your business or parts to drive and deliver cost saving initiatives that impact your bottom line?"

WireTech puts into action our customer-focus philosophy by creating individually tailored business development plans for our strategic partners. These partner-specific plans serve as the foundation when writing our own strategic business plan.

WireTech Fabricators can seamlessly integrate with your systems and staff, even moving customer core competencies to our facility. WireTech Fabricators becomes an invisible part of your supply chain. Customers have told us "WireTech is easier to work with than our own in-house operation."

WireTech Fabricators' open and flat structure allows for total empowerment among staff to best support customer needs.

WireTech Fabricators is flexible and adaptive. We can increase output as you need, be at your site whenever needed, create new production cells quickly, and draw upon our seasoned staff to solve issues that arise.

WireTech Fabricators solves customers' challenges in the areas of product design and engineering, logistics, supply chain management, vendor managed inventories.

10% of annual sales are reinvested in facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and employee training.
Trained in-house staff maintains and repairs plant equipment to reduce downtime.

WireTech Fabricators excels at utilizing the philosophy and techniques of Lean Manufacturing.

In the past 15 years, WireTech Fabricators has been honored with:
~ 6 Supplier of the Year awards
~ 1 Lean Manufacturer of the Year award
~ 1 Customer-Focused Manufacturer of the Year award