For almost 70 years, WireTech Fabricators, Inc. has built a reputation for providing high quality, low-cost wire fabrications to industries.

Economy electric Lantern Company

WireTech Fabricators was originally founded as the Economy Electric Lantern Company in the 1940s. The Economy Electric Lantern Company mass produced hand-held lanterns for the U.S. Government and local area shipbuilders well into the 1990s. In 1963, the Economy Electric Lantern Company was purchased by the Baudhuin family and renamed Dorco Manufacturing. At the time of purchase it resided in a 5,000 square foot building and employed five people three days per week. 

Dorco Manufacturing

Dorco began to nationally market household items such as casserole dish stands, Lazy Susan's and candelabras produced from wire material. As these products were introduced to the market, customer demand for engineered custom wire form components allowed the company to branch out into more commercial products.

Wiretech Fabricators

In 1992, the company was purchased by the current owners Tom Lardinois and Mike Baudhuin. The company quickly made improvements to the facility and was registered as ISO 9002 certified in 1997. In  1998 the company changed its name to WireTech Fabricators. Today WireTech Fabricators continues to be the leading supplier of fabricated wire products to industries such as lawn and garden, office furniture, food service, automotive and appliances.

Our Statements

Vision Statement

We aspire to lead the wire form markets through the value we deliver from our progressive use of information and automation technology, the development and well-being of our people, and the success of our stakeholders.

MIssion Statement

WireTech Fabricators Inc., a wire form solution provider since 1963, is committed to the empowerment of our people to develop innovative processes and services.  We foster an environment that allows us to use our creativity and leverage our expertise to continually improve the quality engineered products we provide.  We are focused on the growth of our people, our customer relationships, profitability, and community involvement.

Our Values


Integrity defines the conduct by which we operate and treat others as well as our approach as we continue building our business moving forward.  We proceed with an intentional effort to be respectful and honest in all our internal and external interactions to help build the trust that we believe is essential to create long-term productive relationships throughout.


We understand building an organization that represents our values and beliefs involves dedication and a commitment to purpose.  Contributing to the success of our customers and to our business enriches our employees with a feeling of pride and satisfaction.  Reliability, perseverance, and striving for first-time quality in all our efforts is at the heart of what we believe builds success.


It is with an appreciation of the accomplishments of those who came before us that we respect the gravity of our role as stewards of our business, the community, and the environment.  That appreciation and the willingness to improve drives us to embrace the magnitude and importance of growing and sustaining for future generations of employees, managers, and leaders. 

Our Policies

Quality Policy

In support of our mission, WireTech Fabricator’s Management Team is committed to empowering our employees to continually improve technology, processes, and systems. Our employees are committed to delivering quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Environmental Policy

WireTech Fabricators, Inc., an ISO 14001, Green Tier certified company, is committed to assessing and reducing the human and eco-system health impacts of our operations. We will comply with all environmental laws and ordinances. Furthermore, we shall promote environmental stewardship, life cycle thinking, and implement innovative environmental practices. This will be accomplished by focusing on continuous improvement of environmental performance.