2+4 Things You Should Know About WireTech Fabricators

There are many good wire form manufacturers in the industry but there are a couple of reasons why we are better!  Two reasons are that WireTech Fabricators works to source materials and services locally to keep decent turnaround times and competitive pricing as well as continuing to invest in the latest technology to keep the quality consistent and to produce a larger quantity.  There are also four other things you should know about us…….

  1. Progressive use of technology - Yes…we mentioned technology in the two reasons but we have to mention this again because it’s so important to us!  Technology gives us the automation capabilities we need to minimize dimensional variation, increase throughput, and to fully utilize ERP which provides cost, inventory, and scheduling information (awesome!).
  2. Commitment to customers - EVERY manufacturer says they are committed to providing great customer service but there are a couple of reasons why WireTech Fabricators is actually great.  We mentioned that we work with local businesses in the two reasons but we didn’t dive deep into why we try and source locally.  We worked hard to partner with a network of local suppliers and service providers BECAUSE it helps our customers help their customers!  You can trust that we will not only think of your business as our customer, we will also think of your customer as our customer!  Our committed team constantly thinks of who will be using our final product!
  3. Supply chain programs - We achieve responsive scheduling and inventory programs to ensure deliveries in 5 days or less by integrating EDI with ERP systems.
  4. Onsite tooling capabilities - Tooling capabilities helps us to minimize production interruptions and to create applications specific to production efficiencies and to reduce costs.

We could have just titled this blog “6 things you should know about WireTech Fabricators” but we are a company that thinks outside the box and uses creativity to bring our customers the best service!

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