The Simple Steps To Getting Functional Wire Form Components

Some of the easiest tasks at work can seem daunting and complicated.  That can sometimes include finding the right wire form component manufacturer to meet your needs.  We promise that getting the right wire form to help keep your customers happy doesn’t have to be that complicated! 

Find the right wire form manufacturer

As an engineer or buyer, you have probably used Google more than once to find the right wire form manufacturer or supplier to get the parts you need.  Other ideas for sourcing wire forms include asking for recommendations from other manufacturers. If that doesn’t work, then go back to our favorite search engine, Google!

Select the right wire for the wire form component

When sourcing wire forms the diameter, gauge, and the type of wire or carbon content are important characteristics.  It’s important to consider the application as well.  While a robust approach to design may be best over-engineering can create unnecessary costs. The wire form manufacturer will discuss the details of the wire form with you to determine the best material to use for your component.

Straightening the wire before bending it into a wire form

Wire is delivered to the wire form production facility in large coils that are straightened before the bending begins to prevent irregularities and eliminate variables.  Straightening the wire creates a consistent base before additional features are added.

Bending the wire into a wire form component

Pressure is applied with several types of machines including with dies. CNC, or Computerized Numerical Control, helps to control the quality and speed during the wire form production process.

Completing the wire form

Several features can be added to the wire form including:




Pierced Holes

Drilled Holes

Heads & Collars




WireTech Fabricators - Wire Form Manufacturing You Can Trust

Procuring the wire forms you require doesn’t have to be difficult.  Our team has the experience, processes, and partners to meet your needs.  Call 920-743-7201 to get started.

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