What is Wire Forming and Why is it Important?

Wire forming in its most basic form is the technique of converting and forming metal wires into a more useful shape. It has been around since the Bronze Age and is one of the more useful manufacturing techniques of the Industrial Revolution. Throughout the years we have perfected and streamlined wire forming to the art it is today!

Wire forming plays a huge role in life as we know it. Springs, fasteners, and fixtures are just a few of the things we use every day that we have wire forming to thank for!

There are many different processes in wire forming that come together to help create the perfect product! Some of the processes we offer are bending, drilling, Chamfering, press forming, threading, welding, and finishing! We can handle anything from small medical instruments to large frames and each of them come out stunning!

Wire forming is used in many industries from shipping to automation. Many of the parts in your car or the lifesaving equipment used by doctors are a product of wire forming. Without wire forming humanity would have had a very rough time in the industrial revolution. It has shaped the very world we live in and is an important tool for creating new and exciting inventions to this day.

Wire forming has been around for centuries and involves many amazing processes. It is one of the most important manufacturing processes to this day.  WireTech Fabricators Inc. is committed to giving you the best product we can, and we have been doing just that for decades! Please reach out for any wire forming needs!

Call WireTech Fabricators Inc. At (920)-743-7201 with any questions. We have been a wire form solution provider since 1963 and are committed to the empowerment of our people to develop innovative processes and services.  We foster an environment that allows us to use our creativity and leverage our expertise to continually improve the quality engineered products we provide.  We are focused on the growth of our people, our customer relationships, profitability, and community involvement.

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