Wire Bending: What are the benefits of using wire forming products?

If you are new to the world of Wire bending then you might need to know that wire bending or wire forming is a technique used to shape metal into custom shapes used for manufacturing.  A few of the main industries that benefit from wire forming include: Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Office Furniture, Construction, and Outdoor Power.  Because wire bending can be so versatile, there are many benefits to this advanced technique.

Benefits of Wire Forming

  • Custom Design - Since wire forming can be used in so many different industries, the ability to create a custom design is one of the top benefits.  Simple designs like a lever on a lawnmower all the way to more complex designs like the metal framing inside a car’s seat. 

  • Durability - You have probably sat on hundreds of the office chairs where you can see the metal framing, those frames were made using WIRE FORMING!  Durability is extremely important for the office furniture industry because the last thing you would want is for someone to sit on the chair only for it to collapse.  The office chairs need to be able to hold the weight of a small child all the way to 300+ pounds.

  • Lightweight - The weight of a single lawn mower lever all the way to the office chair with a full bended metal frame needs to be lightweight.  The weight of the office chair is the best example of why lightweight and heavy-duty metal framing is important.  The chairs need to have the ability to be easily moved around a classroom, office, or retail space.  The average metal-framed plastic office chair weighs around 12-15 pounds and is stackable up to 12 chairs.  Could you imagine stacking those chairs to move them to another room if they were 100 pounds each?  You would have to push 1200lbs of chairs around!

If you are unsure that durable, lightweight, custom-designed wire bended frame or part is right for your product, then just pick up the phone and ask a Wire Bending company!  They are the experts so they can quickly give you the answers to help save you time.

WireTech Tip!

Finding the right wire bending company to help create a custom wire bended part or frame can be tough especially with current supply chain issues.  A tip to help keep the cost of your order reasonable is to ask the company if they source most of their material locally.  Not only is the company helping their community, but they are also able to get materials the same or the next day to help shorten the wait time on your order.

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