Wire Form Manufacturer | Let’s Discuss “Types” of Wire Chairs!

Wire frame chairs have been used in offices, schools, and hospitals for decades!  As wire form manufacturers, we have seen wire frame chairs evolve into works of art!  As design trends have leaned more and more towards minimalist designs, wire frame chairs have become a popular choice for homes around dining room tables or kitchen counters.  

The “typical” wire frame chair we usually think of has that scratched up plastic seat with someone’s initials carved into it from years ago.  Or we think of that plastic and metal chair with cushioned fabric pieces screwed onto the plastic seat for “comfort”.  The wire frame chair has since evolved to become both functional and beautiful works of art for both your home and work space.

Types of Wire Frame Chairs

Crisscross Wire Chair

“Crisscross” refers to the legs of the chair crisscrossing eachother, they are usually “pin” legs (v-shaped wire legs).  Crisscrossed legs are popular for more “loungy” chairs that you would see in a “boutique” style waiting room or a more modern styled office.  

Fishbone Wire Chair

The fishbone style refers to the seat and back of the chair being welded together to create a “basket” looking design.  The welded design make a fishbone chair a great option if you are looking for a minimalist yet eye-catching chair for your kitchen table or stools for your counters.

Woven Wire Chair

A woven wire chair is ALMOST what you think it would be!  A woven chair has a traditional metal-wire frame with fabric, leather (pleather), or rope woven around and between the wire frame to create the back and seat of the chair.  

The classic wire frame chair has evolved into beautiful and functional pieces that can be incorporated into both our work places and home spaces.  Whether the chair you’ve designed is crisscross, fishbone, or woven, we might have a solution for you.  Click here to get started with a conversation and a quote!


The “wire chair” trend isn’t going away anytime soon!  If you are looking to expand your product portfolio then look no further than a wire frame chair!

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