Wire Forming | How technology has reshaped the wire forming industry

Wire forming has provided companies the ability to provide their customers with customizable, light weight, and durable products. As a wire forming company, we have learned that our consumers are demanding products that are high-quality, durable, affordable, and they don’t want to wait long for it.  So we depend on improvements in technology to accomplish these goals.

CNC Wire Bending

CNC wire bending is the most precise and consistent process used in the wire forming industry.  CNC stands for “computer numerical control”.  The process uses computers, robotic arms, and rollers to create complex 2D and 3D parts.  Here are the advantages to this process:

  • Computers - Computers have made all of our lives easier, especially in the manufacturing industry. The internet has made keeping computers up to date with the latest software allowing computers to stay up to date.  It has made creating designs and programming machines easier for the wire bending process.
  • Robotic arms - Robotics are here!  Don’t worry, they are not like the robots in the Terminator, they are stationary so they can’t walk around and destroy the world.  The robotic arms are incredibly important for the manufacturing industry, especially during the pandemic as we see more and more companies struggling to find labor.  The robotic arms allow wire forming companies to get more consistent results and to maximize the use of the employees that they have.

The CNC process is also beneficial in terms of labor because it require less physical strength.  This allows you to be able to hire more workers that have less physical strength but could still be a dedicated asset to your team.  

WireTech Tip!

Some companies take pride in being able to provide more jobs for their community so they invest more in people versus technology.  Technology might help companies reduce their labor force but more importantly, it helps make manufacturing jobs safer and less labor intensive.  Don’t be afraid of technology in the manufacturing process!

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