Wire Forming | What features does WireTech offer?

The wire forming process begins with large spools of steel wire that is threaded through machines ready to be shaped into 2D and 3D parts.  Not every part has the same purpose or function so different features and finishes are necessary to accomplish the parts needed functionality.

wire form fabricators

Wire Forming Features

At WireTech, we have different machines to accomplish different features including: 

  • Bends 
  • Chamfers - Typically 30 or 45 degree angles.  Other angles are available if required
  • Flats
  • Free Flow Flat (with or without pierced holes)
  • Coins - Steel is pinched on the edge of the diameter from a specific sized punch
  • Pierced Holes
  • A cost-effective way of mounting points on wireforms
  • Shaped holes are also possible 
  • Diameter range is .073 inches to .625 inches
  • Holes are usually located at a specific distance from the end of the wire
  • Both heads and collars  have a diameter range of .156 inches up to .625 inches

If you are an engineer or a buyer in the manufacturing industry, then you are most likely familiar with many of these terms.  Click on the feature you are in need of to learn more about WireTech’s capabilities within each features.

WireTech Tip!

The finish you choose for your part is more important than what you might think.  A finish is more than just improved aesthetics.  Finishes help improve your parts durability and weather-ability.  Make sure you take into consideration the parts finish when improving the parts usability. 

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