WireTech Fabricators Inc. | Why we choose Professional Plating

There are many different plating or coating companies that we could choose to coat or plate our custom wire formed parts that we manufacture for our customers but we continue to return to Professional Plating for three reasons:

  1. High Tech Equipment - It is important to continue to invest in the latest technology in the manufacturing industry to meet customers expectations, deadlines, and product development budgets which is why we chose Professional Plating.  
  2. Reputation - Most successful companies go through great lengths to continue to uphold a good reputation.  Part of upholding that reputation is good communication and business ethics.  Professional Plating is honest and has great communication.  If problems arise during the plating or coating process, we are able to provide our customers with accurate information.
  3. One-Stop-Shop -  Partnering with a local plating/coating company allows us to continue to offer reasonable lead times.  Both WireTech and Professional Plating are located in Northeast Wisconsin allowing us to quickly transport products back and forth also allowing us to expand our support for the Northeast Wisconsin community.

Providing our customers with dependable and honest services is a mutual goal with both Professional Plating and WireTech. The midwest is known for manufacturing high quality parts and goods. The midwest is home to high-end manufacturers in the military, automotive, outdoor power, coating/plating, and many more industries that require stellar reputations.Professional Plating and WireTech take pride in being a part of the Midwest Manufacturing world! Thank you Professional Plating!

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